Production of rollers for industrial conveyors, using the most modern automation technologies and digitalisation of the production process (i4.0) using renewable energy sources


We produce and install rollers adapted and customised to the needs of each client.

Conveyor Belts

High quality and durability for transporting materials in various sectors of industry.

Maintenance materials

We have a wide range of products and solutions for the correct and adequate maintenance of your equipment.


We install and sell a range of industrial equipment for our customers.


We started our business supplying rubber conveyor belts, providing services in the areas of splicing and industrial equipment repairs.


To ensure the satisfaction of our customers by guaranteeing personalised service, boosted by our after-sales service and guarantee.

Supplying conveyor belts and guaranteeing our assembly and repair services quickly and efficiently are our main objectives today!

We want to answer all your questions and provide as much information as possible about our products and services. If you would like more information about our Conveyor Belts or Conveyor Lines (rollers), please fill in the form below.


As a result of our experience, we can provide installation and repair services for conveyor belts, as well as splicing, coating, training and technical support – at the customer’s premises, if necessary!

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