Conveyor Belt Repair

With staples

When the conveyor belt is damaged for any reason, through cuts, tears, holes, etc., we can repair the damage by applying staples.

The intervention in these cases should always be carried out as quickly as possible, in order to prevent it from developing into more complicated problems that could lead to the total replacement of the belt.

With connectors

One of the most common types of damage is tears in the conveyor belt, either lengthways or crossways, and one of the ways to solve the problem quickly but temporarily (for example, until a scheduled stoppage) is to repair it with connectors.

With patches

We can also repair the damaged conveyor belt with rubber patches in various geometric shapes (round, square, rectangular or rhombohedral) in various dimensions, or patches with reinforcing mesh in various geometric shapes (usually rectangular and rhombohedral) in various dimensions.

Replacing the damaged section

In our work, we always try to shorten downtimes. So our aim is that, whatever the damage to the belt, the repair should be carried out as quickly and effectively as possible.

In this way, we can also replace one or more damaged sections.

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