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Founded in 1996, Manuel António Pinheiro da Cunha, Unip. Lda (MAP) is a company that produces rollers for industrial conveyors and supplies rubber conveyor belts, intervening whenever necessary in the installation and repair of industrial equipment, providing the appropriate training and technical support to its customers.

It began by simply supplying rubber conveyor belts and providing splicing and repair services for its customers, but due to its good performance it has grown its customer portfolio and areas of operation.

MAP currently operates in the following industrial areas:

– Quarries;
– Mines;
– Cement plants;
– Solid Waste Stations;
– Pulp mills;
– Crushing equipment manufacturers;
– Concrete plants;
– Mechanical conveyor manufacturers;
– Ceramic industries and all extractive industries in general.

Of the many products and services we provide to our customers, the following stand out: Rubber Conveyor Belts, cold on-site splicing with guaranteed belt durability (except when the materials are subject to high temperatures and grease), the manufacture of rollers for industrial conveyors, conveyor belt repair and maintenance services and the sale of various industrial accessories.

MAP aims to meet the needs and expectations of its customer base, providing personalised, excellent customer service and supplying equipment with a full guarantee and after-sales support.

We supply the most complete range of Conveyor Belts, the result of all our acquired experience, which are designed for the specific needs of our customers, always aiming for the best performance and cost reduction.

Our mission is to quickly and efficiently supply conveyor belts and enable them to be installed and repaired for our customers, wherever and whenever they need them!

With a vast reputation and experience in the market, the MAP team wants to build relationships of trust and is committed to providing high quality products and services to its customers.

Year 1996

Foundation of MAP - Manuel António Pinheiro da Cunha, Lda.

Year 2001

Acquisition of important industrial equipment. The MAP team now has 4 employees!

Year 2006

Transferring to the New Premises!

Year 2009

Presence in major national works - Sabor Hydroelectric - initially all the splicing services were carried out by MAP.

Year 2011

Acquisition of new equipment, increasing MAP's production capacity.

Year 2019

We began the process of exporting to new markets. Increase in factory production, MAP now has 9 employees.

Today - 2023

MAP's productive transformation, with access to new equipment and technologies, as well as the adaptation of internal processes to new methodologies with the support of Portugal 2020.

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:

This project by Manuel António Pinheiro da Cunha, Unip. Lda (MAP) aims to increase its production capacity from 100 rollers/day to 500 rollers/day through a more efficient, automated production process with greater precision, using computer-aided design techniques.

MAP intends to introduce to the market rollers with distinctive functional characteristics that meet the needs of the maritime sector, particularly for conveyor belts in seaports, so the rollers to be produced will be durable, anti-abrasive and resistant to salt spray.

The main objectives are:

– To increase its presence in foreign markets;
– Increase its production capacity through a more efficient, automated production process with greater precision, using computer-aided design techniques;
– Investing in the digitalisation of the production process, so that production information is accessible to all departments in real time;
– Utilising renewable energies to generate clean energy and reduce costs;
– Investing in marketing capacities, by defining the approach to new segments and markets that will be followed by the new international commercial and the creation of the company’s website;
– Creating a brand for the rollers and boosting its MAP RUBBER BELTS brand on the international market;
– Creating new skilled jobs.


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